Tuesday, January 23, 2007

splits -- some progress

I'm writing splits from python, pygtk/libglade, matplotlib, and sqlobject/pysqlite2. I've written the code to pull the data from STraM, which uses an access database and a set of files (for storing the R-R interval data), using odbc from the pywin32 extensions. The data is then stored in an sqlite3 database, which has the very nice property of being binary compatible across platforms. The would-be linux user (like myself) can install the windows app, import the data, and see how he likes it on windows. Then, if he's so inclined, he can start using the program on linux.

He can do all of this if I finish writing it that is :-) Here's something at least.
OK, it's not much, but I figured out how to do listviews in gtk and embed a matplotlib graph. On the backend, I've got the persistence piece figured out, which was a stumbling block before.

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