Wednesday, September 24, 2008

defaultdict and R

In answering a question on the python-tutor list, someone used collections.defaultdict. I didn't know about this. I guess it looks a little cleaner to say a = defaultdict(list) rather than use a.setdefault(key,[]).

Well, that isn't much learning for the day, but it's something.

I'm also trying to learn and use R, but fell back to python for my task today when I couldn't quickly figure out how to do what I wanted to in R. R is frustrating right now because it seems so insanely powerful, but at the same time foreign to how my python-oriented brain thinks.

I have "Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS" and learned to parrot the examples in order to do some cool stuff, but when I have to deviate much from the examples, I find myself a bit lost. I figure I don't understand the basics of the language well enough and now have "Programming with Data." Hopefully this will get me up to speed, so I can be one of those guys on the R-help list who can answer a question with six different one-liners to accomplish the same thing.

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